4 tips to whiten your teeth safely

4 tips to whiten your teeth safely

White teeth are essential for a confident smile, and people around the world have been paying tons of money for it, making teeth whitening a billion-dollar-a-year industry. There are also many other DIY, affordable ways to whiten your teeth at home. However, not all teeth whitening methods are safe for your teeth, gums, and overall health. In this article, let's discuss some sustainable ways to achieve that bright smile.


1. Switch to an electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes provide rapid movement that removes plaque and debris from your teeth and gums effectively. There are two main types of electric toothbrush technology: 

  • Oscillating-rotating technology: the brush head spins and turns as it cleans. This was the first electric toothbrush on the market, and a research published in 2005 demonstrated that it cleaned teeth more effectively than manual brushes.  
  • Sonic technology: the brush head cleans by vibrating using ultrasound and sonic waves. In order to help you gradually improve your brushing, some models employ Bluetooth to transfer details about your brushing routine and technique to a smartphone app.

Either oscillating-rotating or sonic technology, electric toothbrushes can produce thousands of strokes per minute to remove plaque from your teeth, while manual toothbrushes can only work as fast as your hands can. Hence, they provide a more thorough cleanse for cleaner, whiter teeth. 


2. Use whitening tooth powder

Tooth powder is a safe, effective, and affordable way to whiten your teeth. It typically uses abrasives to get rid of stains, but some include active whitening ingredients. 

Whitening tooth powder may include bleaching ingredients such as PAP (Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid), hydrogen peroxide, or activated charcoal. Some people find that tooth powder containing these ingredients make their teeth and gums more sensitive. That is why we came up with doodoo's Tooth Powder: powerful whitening but totally safe! 

This clinically tested product effectively removes long-term stains caused by smoking, alcohol consumption, and colored foods. Its powerful whitening effect is guaranteed to be safe for your gums and enamel. Plus, the wild mint flavor ensures a fresh breath sensation.


3.Take good care of your oral hygiene

White teeth don't happen overnight. In order to achieve and maintain it, you need to really invest in building a consistent hygiene habit. A good oral care routine includes:

  • Brushing your teeth at least twice per day, and 45 minutes after eating sugary, acidic, or processed foods
  • Flossing at least once a day
  • Scraping your tongue every day 
  • Taking dental probiotics, especially if you have existing oral problems like bad breath, cavities, or bleeding gums

    4. Pay attention to your food and drinks

    Food and drinks that you take in have direct contact to the teeth and affect their color greatly. If you want to keep your teeth white, try to avoid these:

    • Red wine 
    • Berries (blackberries, blueberries, etc.)
    • Pomegranates
    • Black tea
    • Curry
    • Marinara sauce
    • Soda (regular and diet)
    • Balsamic vinegar
    • Alcohol

    With these tips in mind, we hope you achieve the sparkliest smile and healthiest teeth. Smile and shine!

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